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Posts from September 2020


When we left Cambridge, Waikato, we were given some warm socks so that we could survive the cold South Island winters. Yudy and I had lived in Christchurch in the winter of 2013 in a fairly cold house with little money to run the heating. My Caribbean wife therefore remembered Christchurch winters with some trepidation. Because our current house is fairly big…

Open Church

From Monday, 7 September 2020, the Church will be open again Monday – Friday, noon to 2 pm, for personal prayer and quiet reflection. Come to our peaceful, traditional church to take some time out to pray and reflect.

Watching a baby grow

Watching a baby grow is always fascinating. They develop so quickly! As we see our baby Sebastian do new things, we are constantly reminded of the times when his older sister and brother reached that milestone. When were they comfortable lying on their tummy? When did they turn over? When did they sit up? When…