The Church building will remain closed until further notice. For pastoral matters, please contact the vicar.
Helping People to Meet God • Make Friends • Grow in Faith

St Paul’s is an active Anglican Church in the heart of Papanui. We believe that people are the ‘church’ and that a sense of community is important, and needs to fostered more in this day and age. To help achieve this we run the following ministries to encourage community and involvement.

Rest Home Ministry

With seven rest homes and aged care facilities in our parish area, we endeavour to create opportunities for those in aged care to be a part of their wider community and part of the life here at St Paul’s. Monthly Rest Home Services. Since the 90’s we have run rest home services in most of the aged care facilities in our area.…

Home Groups

There are several Home Groups that meet at various times. Button Home Group Meets on the second and the fourth Thursdays of the month at 7.30pm at the Tapper’s home. For more information on where they meet and what they are currently studying, please contact the Parish Office on 352 9571. Matthews’ Home Group Meets on the second and the fourth Tuesdays…