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Jazz in the Graveyard


Your local church, St Paul’s in Papanui is bringing your community together for an evening of jazz and family fun is now on Sunday 18th February, 5 – 7pm. Bring your picnic and enjoy the jazz and the opportunity to get to know your neighbourhood.

The congregation has worked hard to restore this magnificent, historic building and the final touch would be to ‘Light It Up’ at night! In addition to helping show the church off at its best, lights would also provide well needed security for the church and grounds.

We hope to raise the $12,000 needed for the lights and would love for you to join us.

Tickets are only $25 (with children and students under 18 free). These are available from the church office or from the contact people below.

Why the lights?

Two reasons. History. The church is one of the oldest standing churches in Christchurch. Built in 1877, it was a landmark for the growing little community back then, and is now a Category 2 Heritage Building. Lighting it up will help make it seen at night.

Security. Over the years the church has fallen victim to deliberate damage. One recent attempt (in 2016) did try to see it literally ‘lit up’. Lighting the church up externally will help make the area safer and improve overall security.