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Changing Circumstances

We all experience change in our lives, don’t we, in fact it’s unavoidable and seems to come at set points in our lives.  Having recently become ‘empty nesters’ my wife and I are experiencing no small amount of change in our lives right now!  Earlier in the year our son moved to Wellington for work, and last month our daughter moved to the UK to seek better employment prospects there.  This sort of change has meant that we’ve had to make some adjustments; some practical, but mostly mental as we’ve had to let go of our children as they make their own way in the world.  Of course, we like to think we have prepared them well for this moment, but that doesn’t mean to say we don’t worry about them, we just have to place them in God’s hands and pray that we have taught them well.

Change, any change, brings uncertainty which can be exciting or unnerving.   One thing for certain is that without change nothing grows, and without growth things die.   Whether it is plants in the garden, people or organisations, change is a sign of growth and life.   Trying to avoid it leads to stagnation and death.   We may not always welcome change but we do have a choice in how we respond to it.   Either we can regret that things are not as they used to be or we can see it as an opportunity, look for the positives and try to ensure that growth is healthy.   Of one thing we can be sure.   Whatever is going on around us, God’s love is constant and unchanging.

“God is my rock in whom I put my trust” (Psalm 18:2).   If we remain firmly rooted in his love and use him as our guide, we can face the future, whatever the changes, with confidence and hope.