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Charles Philip Arthur George

Humbled by Crown, aloof,
Death of Mountbatten

He walks dignified through streets of 
Christ and Church
Future Head of Church and State

King to be crowned.
Thoughtful, wise, planted and grown
By heartache, trials, yet finding triumph

In realising a voice, amidst architecture,
Gardening and plants, pioneer of 
Environment and conservation.

Helicopters, Australia, Goons, Polo, 
Distilled now into dignity, 
Maturity, consideration and endurance.

Like Joseph and Jeremiah in their wells,
Wales has endured his testings 
And emerged in Cornwall, complete.

Ready to kneel in service to nation and Commonwealth
As we raise him up on plinth 
Of Heritage, History and Hearth.

To take his Patient Patent Place 
Among us as King
Determined by God.

He will give us his Head, but unlike Charles I,
We’ll get his Heart 
And learned Hindsight as well.

Go well Wales, we welcome you.
God save the Queen; God save the king.
God defend New Zealand.

~ John© Stringer 23 November 2019
On the occasion of HRH and Cornwall’s third visit to Christchurch
and New Zealand 17-23 November 2019