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Hymn Sunday

Music affects us far more deeply than just the written or spoken word alone. Hymns and songs give voice to our emotions, our deepest feelings, our sincerest convictions, our firmest hopes, and our hidden longings. Through them many people can more readily praise and worship God. Through hymns and songs, which often endure across generations, we are exposed to a far richer expression of faith than only the limited views of our own time and day.

On the 4th of August 2024 we’ll have our Hymn Sunday again at the 10 am service. (This is the first Sunday of the month, so there is no 8 o’clock service). We all have our favourite hymns and songs that have been significant in our own lives. We want to sing those hymns and hear why they have been important to you. Please choose your favourite hymn or worship song, so that as a congregation we can sing it together. Please give me the name of the hymn or song you chose, the most important verses and your name in writing, either by email or on a piece of paper at the latest on Sunday, 21st July 2024. 

On the day, those choosing also should share what is so special about the hymn or song for them. Whether you just say a few words or talk a bit longer (not more than 3 minutes, please), it would be great to hear your thoughts about a hymn.
If you don’t feel comfortable talking to everyone from the front of the church or you can’t be there, please write down what is so special about the hymn you have chosen. I can then read it out for the congregation. We’ll have those brief reflections instead of a sermon that day so that we can probably sing up to 12 hymns. So get your singing voices ready!