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Mission Action Plan

In March 2023 the Parish had a meeting with the Archdeacon for Regeneration and Mission, Mark Chamberlain. He encouraged us to draft a Mission Action Plan for the next three years. At the meeting we determined three priorities:

Develop ministry to children and families

Building the faith and knowledge of the Parish

Improve the promotion of the Parish

These priorities have been considered by the Mission Action Implementation Committee, which consists of Liz van Til, Julie Abbott, John Stringer and Tim Frank. We came up with possible actions that could implement these priorities:

Develop ministry to children and familiesPromotion of Sunday Kids on website and notice boards
Get an outside family to review the facilities, then do small changes to make our facilities more family-friendly
Long-term seek to employ a children’s worker in co-operation with the LOOP Youth Centre and the Diocese.
Build the faith and knowledge of the ParishOffer three short courses every year on Biblical and church topics.
Offer a pre-marriage course as required.
Have a monthly prayer meeting and provide a monthly prayer cycle.
Improve the promotion of the ParishDesign and print flyers for visitors and neighbours.
Post more regularly on Facebook and the website. Better photos for website. In 2024 consider the need for a new website and other social media channels.
Hymns at the Pub: organise regular sing-alongs in a pub. Popular in the UK—let’s see how it might work in NZ.

Most of these initiatives are not difficult to implement, while a few may be more challenging. Some may continue for years to come; others are more short-term; still others may even fail. But at times we should not be afraid of possible failure. We hope that the initiatives will help to build the Parish. That does not mean that we will only pursue actions contained in the plan. If other opportunities present themselves, we need to open to look at those. Current initiatives, such as a varied monthly evening service and property developments will continue alongside these actions. The Mission Action Plan has been approved by the Vestry and is available in full on the website and as hard copy at the back of the Church.