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Reception blocked

As in many houses today, access to the internet is part of the way of life in our house. We have a fibre connection with WIFI. On a good day we have WIFI reception from our house at the bus stop over 250 m away. We can certainly access the internet from large parts of the garden. But there is no WIFI reception in our kitchen just 15m from the modem. Something is blocking the reception. That means that we can’t watch any recipe videos while we’re cooking. That would be nice at times, but we find ways to work around it, even using good old recipe books.

I wonder whether something similar is occasionally also happening with people. For some there is some blockage that hinders them from receiving communication. Maybe they cannot receive subtle messages that they behave inappropriately; maybe they cannot understand any forms of affection; maybe they screen out anything to do with a certain topic; maybe they block out anything to do with the Gospel. That may be the case even when they are in contact with Christians and have heard the message of Jesus many times. Sometimes people that are further away from the Church are more reachable. These blockers can be emotional experiences in the past, especially the disappointing behaviour of some Christians. People get hurt in Church. Sometimes a different belief system and a conscious decision not to have anything to do with God and Jesus brings up barriers.

That does not mean we turn off the message, such as we would not turn off the WIFI. We continue to send it to all those in the vicinity; sometimes we cannot give full information and convey information more subtly. I’m comparing it to the print when WIFI will not reach. I think we need to realise that unique situation of each person as well as proclaiming the Good News in word and deed.