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St Paul’s and Cathedral property matters

Both the Diocesan Standing Committee and Church Property Trustees have approved the parish motion at the last AGM to retain some of the land for a vicarage and to sell the remaining land with preference given to the Christchurch Methodist Mission. This is a necessary step in the process. The Methodist Mission need to confirm with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development before going ahead with the development. Unfortunately government priorities around housing are not yet fully clear. We should have more clarity by early next month.

On Saturday, 22 June, there will be a special Diocesan Synod to discuss the future of the Cathedral in the Square and possibly also the current Cardboard Cathedral. Several motions may be approved. As the Bishop has publicly said, he is suggesting offering more funding to the Cathedral rebuild from the Anglican Diocese. However, that would only be a feasible option, if both the government and local council contribute to the rebuild.

Mothballing the Cathedral will also not come cheap, as the current state of the Cathedral needs to be maintained.

If the Cathedral in the Square is not rebuilt, the Cardboard Cathedral would require significant work to make it fit for longer-term use. It was designed as a temporary building. While some work will need to be undertaken now, as it has to last at least another seven years, more substantial work would be required if it were the Cathedral in the long term.

The Synod representatives have received considerably more information on the matter, but this is currently regarded as confidential. Nevertheless, if you want to talk to Rod Wintour or me about the Cathedral and the options advanced, please get in touch with us.