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Tennis court land

It is time to give you a progress report on the sale of the tennis court land. We are continuing the process with the Christchurch Methodist Mission on the sale of the land. At the moment we are discussing the exact dimensions of the land that would be retained by CPT on behalf of the Parish and the land to be bought by the Methodist Mission. As it would affect the price of the land, we’re also working out the density of the Methodist development, for example how many double-storey houses would be built. The Christchurch Methodist Mission plan to build a village for pensioners on the land. These pensioners would rent the units and might receive government assistance.

CPT has agreed that the Parish can retain land for the purposes of a vicarage, a possible curate’s house and future ministry opportunities. Such land could also be available in the immediate future for utilities, such as a garden shed, compost bins and garden beds. If a curate’s house is built, itcould be rented out, so that we have some income. The proceeds from the sale can be used for capital works and will also be invested with CPT. Returns from that investment can be used for the ministry of the Parish.

In consultation with CPT and the Methodist Mission, Vestry has also resolved to remove the large London Plane tree, as this would make development of the land difficult. One tree technician also informed us that when an old tree was encircled by a development it often did not survive, leading to severe complications later on, when houses are built close by.

Vestry decided to bring a resolution to the Parish once we have more detailed plans. That will probably be at our AGM on 28 April 2024. The other option would be a general resolution at an earlier SGM before we know the exact extent of the area to be sold. This would then allow Vestry and CPT to make decisions later about the sale. I think it is better for the Parish to make a decision, once we know more about the clear extent of the sale.

CPT has also informed me that after negotiations it was not able to come to an agreement for the sale of 47m2 of land to Martin and Sue Oxley, our neighbours. CPT requires that land now to be included in the sale to the Methodist Mission.