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Hymn Sunday

It is quite possible that hymns and songs influence our faith more than Bible reading, books, or sermons. We sing hymns again and again, so that their music and their words are firmly planted in our minds and hearts. Music affects us far more deeply than just the written or spoken word alone. Maybe that’s why in our rest home services people respond particularly to hymns.

Hymns and songs give voice to our emotions, our deepest feelings, our sincerest
convictions, our firmest hopes, and our hidden longings. They also endure across the generations, more so than many ideas, worldviews and theological explanations do.
That means that through hymns and songs we are exposed to a far richer expression of faith than only the limited views of our own time and day.

Hymns and songs carry us through the ups and downs of life: they comfort us in times of despair, strengthen us in times of struggle, enliven us in times of joy, challenge us in times of stagnation, and still us in times of upheaval.

We all have our favourite hymns and songs that have been significant in our own lives. That’s why I thought we should have a Hymn Sunday—currently planned for 7 August. Please choose your favourite hymn or worship song, so that as a congregation we can sing it together. Let me know your choice (including most important verses).
On the day those choosing also should share what is so special about the hymn or song for them. If at the last minute you can’t be there, please write to me and lay out your thoughts. We’ll have those brief reflections instead of a sermon that day so that we can probably sing up to 12 hymns.
So get your singing voices ready!