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Parish Mission Impact Review

Parish Mission Impact Review

A few weeks ago, the Diocese conducted a parish mission impact review of St Paul’s. The review team presented after the 10am service on 23 July 2023. By now the review has been finalised.

There were many aspects of congregational life to celebrate. Among these were:

1.      High levels of involvement and commitment to ministry and mission in the parish from a large proportion of parishioners.

4.      There is a strong commitment to the Bible as the basis of ministry and mission.

6.      St Paul’s is a praying church.

7.      St Paul’s is a welcoming parish – everyone takes the responsibility to be welcoming of newcomers.

8.      Good music and a good number of musicians.

9.      Children’s Sunday ministry happening each week with a smallish but committed group of children.

12.    The LOOP ministry is a blessing to young people and a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the Baptists

14.    Amazing location near a major intersection and transport hub in the city – excellent visibility profile.

The review team had several questions such as how Vestry decisions are communicated, whether parishioners know the Mission Action Plan, and how we plan to collaborate with LOOP. These questions identified further areas for action.

Finally, the review group gave five recommendations:

1.      Develop a coordinated Communication Strategy, both internal and external, which includes a focus on the parish website, social media, pewsheet, email and the promotion of events.

2.      Move forward with urgency on the Tennis Court Project.

3.      Look to appoint a Children and Family Worker to help lead and coordinate the growth of the Sunday children’s programme, mid-week after-school programme, and the pastoral care of families.

4.      Develop the 10am Sunday service so that all ages are catered for. Consideration should be given for a ‘children’s slot’, children’s song, children’s video, children involved in ministry and ‘report back time.’ This could be every Sunday or on a regular basis.

5.      Develop a disciple-making programme which includes options for seekers, those new to the faith and those who are more mature Christians.

Overall, the report is quite positive and has some good suggestion. Copies of the full report are available. You can give feedback to me or any Vestry member.