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Something new …

If you are reading this, you have found our website.
We are trying to keep it up to date and relevant. The Vicar’s message that’s currently in the pew sheet is now also on-line, as well as the sermons. We are all called to encourage another build each other up. Some of us can best do that in written form. There has been the suggestion to also include some contribution from parishioners on the website. I’m glad to say that our first parishioner’s contribution is now on the blog. Davyd Schumacher is sharing some thoughts about his favourite hymn. If you want to contribute to the blog on the website, particularly how you have been helped or encouraged by God, please send it to me as the Vicar. I will reserve my full editorial discretion and may suggest changes before anything is published. Still, I hope that your voice can come through.

Rev Dr Tim Frank
Vicar at St Paul’s Papanui