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Thoughts on getting the trivia sorted

Some of us are spending this lockdown time in getting ‘things sorted’.

Having ‘sized down’ into our Ryman’s villa 5 years ago, I thought that we had jettisoned pretty well and it felt really good to be nicely lightened. As I use some of this time to check cupboards (and the garage!) I can almost hear The Teacher — Ecclesiastes — saying “trivia, trivia, all is trivia” or “stuff, stuff, all is stuff” as he lists the ‘stuff’ that we value in our world.

This reflection applies to all the activities and material goods with which we fill our lives and the world. I myself suggest that ‘stuff, stuff’ might also apply to mental ‘stuff’ such as likes and dislikes, habits and ways of doing things.

So, dear friends as you sort ‘your stuff’ may you enjoy being lightened, and be blessed. Keep the ‘good stuff’ – the love and humble regard for the Lord.

P.S. Material goods destined for charity shops should wait in a neat corner of the garage not on shops’ doorsteps!

Janet Emeleus