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Level 2 Alert and services

The Ash Wednesday service at St Silas has been postponed until a later date in Lent. The Knitting Group at 2:00pm on Monday, 15 February 2021, will go ahead with appropriate distancing. Musical Play at 10:00 am on Tuesday, 16 February 2021, will go ahead. By attending parents/caregivers clearly indicate to the co-ordinator of the programme that they understand that the programme…

Draft Mission Action Plan

Our draft Mission Action Plan is now out. We encourage you to provide feedback to this plan before Christmas. You might want to suggest something else, might want to add something or clarify some points. Maybe you think there are things that we should not get into. Whatever it is, let us know.

La Apreciación

En este momento le pedimos a Dios, nuestro padre celestial que ilumine cada paso que damos en nuestra vida, que sea nuestro guía, defensor y cuidador en el camino que él nos ha elegido, y que conforme a su voluntad aceptemos todo lo que sea justo y digno de acuerdo a su momento. Le damos…

Ethical Investment

During the recent synod of the Diocese of Christchurch, Edwin Boyce, the Diocesan Manager, gave a presentation on ethical investment and the way the Church invests its funds. The General Synod Office has also recently published a report (Motion 11 Report – He waka eke noa) on the investment of funds by the Anglican Church. Currently the Anglican Church in New Zealand…

Back at Level 1

From Tuesday 22 September 2020 Canterbury is back at COVID-19 restrictions Level 1. That means that we will have normal Communion services again (wine will be served in individual cups), there will be morning tea after the 10am service, and the bells will be rung again. The vicar can also make home visits again. Much…

Open Church

From Monday, 7 September 2020, the Church will be open again Monday – Friday, noon to 2 pm, for personal prayer and quiet reflection. Come to our peaceful, traditional church to take some time out to pray and reflect.

Gifts entrusted to us

I am currently reading a book about the work of the Missionaries among the Māori in the early and mid 19th century. Be warned! You might hear snippets from that history in future sermons. As more and more settlers poured into New Zealand, the missionaries tried to persuade Māori not to sell too much land.…

Sunday services during Level 2

We continue to have Sunday Services during Level 2. Please observe physical distancing. We are encouraged to wear masks during services. There will be no morning tea. If there is Communion, it will be given of one kind (wafers) only. On 30 August 2020 there will be no Communion during services.

Environmental Management Plan

St Paul’s now has an Environmental Management Plan, which is used to monitor environmental performance of our activities and seeks to implement care for the environment in our decision making. In response to a motion from Diocesan Synod last year we were required to formulate a parish response to climate change. However, it is best…