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Anticipating change

For months my daughter was excited about the new school building she would go to once it was completed. The construction finally came to completion after the school holidays and the children moved into the new classrooms after Labour Weekend. But after all these months of anticipation, she was somewhat overwhelmed by the changes. First of all, we didn’t know where exactly her new class room was; she didn’t know where to put her RipStik (skateboard); then there was no specific place to hang her bag; she didn’t know where they would assemble. It was all so strange that she burst into tears.

I wonder whether many of us feel something similar when we face a new situation. We may have been anticipating something for a long time, but when change finally happens, we are overwhelmed by it. Maybe we long for the certainty of the familiar. How much greater is the sense of loss when we are not looking forward to change, when we are dreading it. These are all understandable human emotions. Therefore, I don’t think it’s generally good to have change for change’s sake. Nevertheless, at times change is necessary and can lead to better things.

Already my daughter is quite happy about the new classroom and is telling us all about the new building. The excitement has returned after the first shock. I think that the new building will certainly serve the children better than the old one—that change was a change for the better.

Blessings – Tim