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Deck the hall

Vestry has decided to support in principle the concept presented by Te Papanui Trust to refurbish the hall complex, integrating St Paul’s Hall more closely with the youth centre LOOP.
An architectural concept design has been completed, which would allow greater integration and
incorporating the Parish Office and Vicar’s Office as part of the overall redevelopment. The design is more open and welcoming than the old architecture, but uses the existing structures well, eliminating problem areas such as the flat roof. This concept design can be altered depending on needs and the budget. It should provide a flexible and vibrant centre.

Proceeding with such a project would mean some loss of control over the hall, but provide greater opportunities of service to and interaction with the community. With a more flexible space it would be more suited to the short courses and one-off events that are becoming common in churches. It would also lift the maintenance burden from the Parish and ensure the long-term sustainability of the hall. There clearly are disadvantages and advantages, but I think it is better to work in partnership than trying to do it alone.

The next part in the process is to come up with adequate organisational and legal structures that
ensure that we can work with Te Papanui Trust and protect the interests of the Parish. While at the moment everyone enters into this project with goodwill, we have to be cognisant of what might happen when such goodwill is not present. What are the requirements for potential funders?
Responsibilities need to be clearly delineated. What mechanisms are there to resolve conflict?
What happens when circumstances change significantly for one party?

Once we have clarified these issues, it will be time to bring the proposal to the Parish.
We hope to give you sufficient information on the project to make an informed decision. The work will not end there: the approval of Church Property Trustees and the Diocese is also required;
conversations have already begun. If you have any concerns or questions at this stage,
please talk to me or other vestry members.