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New Year

As we enter into the new year it is a good time to look back and reflect what this year has brought us and to look forward to the next year. The past year was still dominated by COVID-19 with various restrictions
on gatherings. Most of us have been infected with the virus during the year. We are grateful that it has not brought more injury. Even though restrictions have eased, uncertainty still surrounds us as infections
increase again. We don’t know what the new year will bring, but I do hope that over time gathering together will become easier again.

Earlier in the year we also had our lowest attendance figures. This has increased again and I do hope that as people are more comfortable being around others, we can reach out better to invite people to services and other events.

Our plans for the tennis court land fell through in the past year. In this new year we can hopefully find a way for the land to support the mission and ministry of the Parish. We also need to make further progress on property matters generally.

Overall, we give thanks for God’s presence with us in the challenging past year and look forward to mission and growth in the next year.

Since in your hand all time you hold
may this year’s burden you enfold
in loving care and blessing.
Turn joy and sorrow each new day
to life and purpose on our way,
our Saviour Christ confessing.

As a family we also want to thank parishioners for the Christmas hamper. It is clear that some thought was put into choosing the contributions.